Food supplies: Taste of Britain

One of the most important shops for any overseas Brit. Taste of Britain in Nordend is a small store and stocks all of things that you just don’t know how to live without 🙂

The shop is easy to miss so here is a little pic for you. The prices are a little high, close to double the cost in the UK, but not unexpected and cheaper than flying to the UK! The staff are easy going and helpful. Always good for a chin-wag.

Taste of Britain


In particular, they are good for digestives, hobnobs, and gingernut biscuits, as well as all the regular teas, like Yorkshire and Tetley’s. They also do a few surprises like Blu-tack, Ambrosia rice pudding, mincemeat all year, and a decent selection of normal birthday cards.

Keep an eye on the best-before dates though. I haven’t seen anything out of date, but it can be a little close sometimes, so don’t expect to store in the cupboard for too long 😉


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