Frischeparadies – Best meat in Frankfurt

If you are looking for unusual, gourmet and very fresh meat and fish, you need to head down to Frischeparadies. The store is located close to the airport in the west of the city and gets daily deliveries of fish straight from Iceland each morning.


The store has a really good selection of meats, perfect if you are planning for a barbecue, and keep an eye out for the long chest freezer full of wild game. You’ll also find all sorts of smoked, cured and salted foods as well as oils, herbs, spices and pickles. And if you are lucky there is sometimes a chef operating a mini-grill and serving up the latest meat as a sample. I was lucky to turn up on a day that they were grilling Iberian Black Pig – amazing flavour!

The fish counter is good quality and extremely fresh but not an huge selection. Still, compared to any Rewe or Real, it is a big improvement, especially if you are looking to do homemade sushi. You can guarantee that they have fish fresh enough to eat raw. They also do a bistro service so that you can order fresh fish and eat there with a glass of prosecco… if only I didn’t have to drive to get there.

My personal favourite here though is the sorbet/icecream freezer. There is a chest freezer at the back with one of the best selections of sorbets I have seen in ages. And the best part is that the sorbets are all made with natural ingredients making for a really good flavour. And make sure you get a loyalty card! You get a nice 15% discount, so it’s well worth it!


And make sure you get yourself a customer loyalty card ASAP! Its worth up to 15% of your bill!

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