Oktoberfest in Frankfurt

So we all know that Germany is famous for its Oktoberfest tradition, but to shatter illusions that is unfortunately a Bavarian, or more specifically, a Munich tradition. If you have the time, then the Munich Oktoberfest is well worth the visit, but you really should have got yourself a ticket months ago, otherwise you’ll end up trying your luck with ticket touts on the internet or at the doors…

Thankfully, every corner of the world now celebrates this fine tradition, including Frankfurt, which hosts its very own three-week Oktoberfest at the Commerzbank arena starting next weekend!

Oktoberfest Frankfurt


There is only a week to go but there are still some days with tickets available. The finale on the 11th October is already sold out but with the event open 6 days a week (not Mondays) there are still a few spaces left.

But bear in mind, you should really get hold of some Lederhosen or Dirndl if you want to be well prepared! Nothing worse than looking out of place in normal clothes :-). Here is a good clothing provider for you:


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