Frankfurt Main’s Terminal 3 Is Built To Last

Fascinating blog post on the plans for the new termanal at Frankfurt airport.



Those of you have flown through Frankfurt Am Main airport will know how the airport is a metropolis of buildings and gates, servicing hundreds of flights a day all around the world – overwhelming at first, the airport has announced their designs for their new Terminal 3, situated on the southern Apron of the airport. The silhouette of the terminal is already in existence, where aircraft are parked on the ‘V’ shaped spurs that will jut out of the main terminal structure.


The first construction phase in 2015 will include the impressive and imposing arrivals and departures halls, controlled-access areas, retail and catering areas, as well as the two piers each handling Schengen and Non-Schengen traffic. Being flexible is part of the design concept, each pier being able to be expanded as demand increases.


“This flexible design will allow us to meet future challenges. Terminal 3 also takes into account the implications…

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