Frischeparadies expands…

Since first writing about this little gem of a store, I have become a Frischeparadies regular (or addict..?). Since I have heard that I have got a couple of other people on board as regular shoppers, I am sure that there will be some people happy to hear that they have recently renovated and expanded the shop to include an extra large wine section with wine tasting desk, a specialist meat counter, a bistro bar and a fresh veg cool room.


Everytime I go there now, the bistro bar is busy. It seems that they have branched out to offer wine tasting and grill events, which is a great idea given that they offer some amazing meats.

The highlight of the trip though was the discovery of a little room behind the fish counter that is stocked with fruit and vegetables. I don’t discount that this has been here all along, but it was not obvious before and I have only just found it. Given the relatively poor quality of fruit and veg on offer at the local supermarkets, this was like Aladdin’s treasure trove :-). Stocked full of all sorts of really crisp fresh vegetables and fruit, and much of it surprisingly from the local area.


I’m slowly becoming dependent on this place!


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