Japanese food shop: Umakiya

Update: Umakiya has just moved to Rödelheim, a few minutes walk from the S-Bahn station, and the address is Alt-Rödelheim 40. Definitely an easier location to get to. 

Frankfurt has a sizable Japanese community, and even though it isn’t as big as Düsseldorf, there are enough people to sustain a full-time Japanese international school in Hausen.

Surprisingly though with all of the Japanese residents in the city, although there are many Japanese restaurants, the food stores in the city centre are pretty poor. Many Japanese instead head to Umakiya which itself is just on the outskirts of Hausen. This is no coincidence of course as many Japanese also live in this area and many others drive in to drop kids off at the school.
The shop itself is fairly small and the lady who runs it speaks mainly just Japanese, but if you are looking for authentic supplies for making sushi then this is the best place to go. And if you are fed up of having Thai or Chinese style rice and need Japanese standard or sushi rice, then look no further


And if you are worried about how to get those heavy bags of rice home, then they also have a low cost delivery service for Frankfurt and surrounding areas.

I also regularly make use of their Obento (ready-made lunches) which seem to normally only be available on Saturday. These are provided by a very good Japanese cafe/bistro just down the road in Bockenheim called T-Style.

Parking is the biggest problem with Umakiya as there are hardly any free spaces along Schloßstrasse especially on a Saturday. So best place to go is and park round the corner on ‘An den Bangerten’.

And a last point, they accept cash and EC card payments but not credit cards. For home delivery, make sure you have cash, preferably in roughly right amount!


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