British Book Shop

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, the bookshop has closed indefinitely. If there is any news on a new opening, I will make an update here. Until then, Frankfurt lost a valuable resource…

Can’t believe I missed this place so many times. After going to Waxy’s and Yours just over the road so many times, it’s amazing to find that there is a little bookshop there specialising in English language books.


Admittedly the shop is a little small, but it is full of books, shelves stacked high and they are quick at ordering in new books on demand. From the look of it they could really do with moving to somewhere bigger.

As you’d expect, they are staffed by native speakers and are very helpful when it comes to recommendations.


In the days of Amazon, I’m not sure how they manage to survive, but it is a little gem of a shop.


You can find it about 100 metres walk from the ubahn station Eschenheimer Tor, in the same direction as Waxy’s on B√∂rsenstrasse.

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