Peace and quiet in Frankfurt after Blockupy

The morning after the night before….

Reports claimed about 17,000 demonstrators took to the streets of Frankfurt yesterday although I am sure that a sizeable portion of those were tourists and voyeurs from what I could see. And added to that we had close to 10,000 police drafted in from across the region.

Contrary to what you might have seen in tabloids and on websites across the world, no, Frankfurt didn’t burn to the ground. The demonstration was centred on the Dom/Römer area in the old city centre. The actual area around the ECB tower was largely quiet and boring! There were lots of police just in case, but I walked three times in and out of the ‘lockdown’ area with being harassed by either side.

Police were very well behaved and friendly, possibly because I didn’t have a hoody and facemask on (not the most peaceful clothing choice).

There are a few well circulated pictures of burning police cars and while this is shocking, it took just a hand full of idiots to manage that in 5 minutes and provide the same few images that would be circulated across the world. Not really representative.

Everything is back to normal now but here are a few pics from my end of the city.

IMG_3863[1] IMG_3862[1] IMG_3861[1] IMG_3860[1] IMG_3846[1] IMG_3836[1]

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