Irish pubs

You probably don’t need any help from me to actually find an Irish pub in Frankfurt, or in any city for that matter. There are quite a few in the city.

I am going to give you a recommendation for my favourite though. If you are looking for a IMG_3997 nice place to go for a drink and a chat, or just for good music and a night out, then I have just the place. If it is football you are after try one of the others mentioned below.

The Anglo Irish is in Alt Sachsenhausen and is right in the middle of a whole street of bars and restaurants. A great mix of traditional Frankfurt food and modern bars in the area. IMG_3998

The pub itself is fairly small, interestingly located next door to a Scottish pub which I have still never been in…, and provides everything you expect from a pub. Good atmosphere, good beer and good music.

If you are after football, then although Anglo Irish have live football showing, they don’t have lots of screens. Check their website in advance to see a list of the matches that are being shown.  If you are looking for a pub more set up for sports, then head for O’Reilly’s at the main trainstation or Waxy’s at Eschenheimer Tor. Next door to Waxy’s is Yours, and although google says they are Irish, they are most definitely an Aussie/Kiwi bar! However they really good for sports and have dozens of screens, so if you can’t find the game that you want, just ask and they might switch on a screen just for you…


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