Food tour of Nordend


Now here is a perfect idea for when you have visitors to Frankfurt. If you have about 3 hours spare and are willing to wander at an easy pace around Nordend, then this would be perfect. The tour would include about 10 stops at independent cafe’s and food shops and each stop will include an explanation of the vendor and samples of their food.

The stops included an organic soup kitchen, chocolaterie, olives, cakes and bakery, green smoothies and a few others. We didn’t need lunch at the end 🙂

The tours are organised by a German company from Berlin called Eat the World and follow a fairly simple formular. Our tour started and finished in Friedbergerplatz and meandered down past Bethmannpark and up Sandweg before going back again. Our tour was done entirely in English as we requested an English tour in advance. If you look at their website you’ll see that the tours are scheduled weekly and always in German. Although the guides also speak English, best to check in advance.

The tours can be booked up to an hour ahead which gives you the flexibily to check the weather to make sure it is perfect ahead of your tour. A nice day will make all the difference. If you are just a small group, then book into one of the regular tours for 33 per person. For 360 you can have a private tour for up to 9 people (and therefore specify your choice of language). More than 9 people and you are back to 33 per person and still a private tour.

I tweeted my whole way though our tour, so if you want to see what we got up to, have a look here:

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