Night of Museums

If you are already in Frankfurt then you can not help but see the adverts around town for the ‘Nacht der Museen‘ on 23rd April this year. This in an annual event in Frankfurt/Offenbach with a similar event up in Düsseldorf.

Frankfurt is well known for its large number of museums and art galleries and this event is designed to encourage people to go out and discover them. 

I went to the Museum of German Architecture (DAM) to get some pictures for this post, and had some fun getting down with the models as you can see! The trouble is that the DAM is small like many of the museums in Frankfurt. Unless you are actually a student of architecture then you will probably be through and done in under an hour, like me! Actually I was done in 30 minutes… but there we are… Not a surprise for anyone who knows me. But I did enjoy writing this post in their cafe with a coffee and slice of chocolate cake.  


The basic plan of the Nacht der Museen is that you buy one ticket for €14 and visit as many venues as you like from 7pm until 2am. All venues are connected by free bus and boat shuttles to make sure you don’t waste time. There is also a free historic tram travelling the city. 

On this night all of the participating museums have a live performance of some sort during the evening to keep things interesting. 

Now, €14 might sound like a bargain for the evening, but actually it isn’t much of a discount. The standard price is €18 for unlimited access for two days. Hmm… If you buy a family ticket for the same 2-day deal, then it is only €28 for two adults and children in the same family. Now that is a good deal I hear you say…

So the real benefit of the Nacht der Museen is the free transport and all of the extra performances. It is a pretty good evening actually especially if the weather stays good. I’m not into museums but the idea of wandering round each venue in half an hour and the leaving to the next without feeling guilty about being uncultured sounds very tempting…

Time for another close up picture of random model buildings I think: 

On the top floor of the DAM was a display of the top 22 buildings in Germany. I was quite interested in seeing this but I’m afraid I can’t agree with their choices. Some were very normal looking. And what’s worse, they had no models, just pictures! Very disappointing. But who am I to judge…? 

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