NightMarket at the Farbenfabrik

I know that everyone is planning on spending this weekend fixed in front of a screen at 9pm for the football, however there is so much going on in Frankfurt in the Summer. 

Tomorrow evening for example is the second NightMarket which is being held at the Farbenfabrik near the main train station. The simplest way to get there is probably to go to the main station and then walk down the river away from the city for about 10 minutes. The number 37 bus also goes straight there.

The NightMarket is basically an evening market for niche designers to show their new or vintage designs at the same time as offering street food and live music. There are 5 live performances evening from 5pm to 1am. The atmosphere is relaxed and slow, so no need to dress up. The first event in April was busy so they have moved this one to a larger venue. 

Look forward to seeing anyone who isn’t a football fan there! Also good for any  England or Spain fans now that our teams are already home…

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