Great food & cool atmosphere in Höchst

I never even knew that Food-Trucks were a ‘thing’ but I stand corrected. And not just in Germany. I hadn’t heard of Food Truck Friday until a few days ago but I’m now a convert. 

This was a mixture of a few of the regular food and drink stands that you would find at street festivals around Frankfurt along with a large group of unique food trucks that turn up at events across Germany. Many of them seem to not even be part of a larger restaurant and simply sell a very limited menu of food. In the main picture, for example, is a Mexican Burrito truck (one of my favourites). A very cool camper van conversion offering three or four types of burritos.

Some of the facts and tips: Food Truck Friday is held monthly at the Jahrhunderthalle in Höchst 4 times throughout the Summer. Each date is a Friday from 3pm until late. There are two dates left (next is 12th August) and I highly recommend that if you go, try and arrive early. From about 6pm onwards, the queues can get long and you may have to wait up until half an hour at the popular stands. So also queue strategically! Don’t all wait together in a single queue… hedge your bets! 

Transport-wise, if you live outside Frankfurt centre, the best is to go by car. There is plenty of parking on site at a fixed rate of €3. Otherwise, access is pretty simple with the S-Bahn. Take the S1 for about 12 minutes from Hauptbahnhof and get off at Höchst-Farbewerke. Then it is a short, 5-10 minute walk depending on the length of your legs and whether you are simultaneously hunting Pokemon (seriously though, this is a crazy trend!).

And as for non-food based entertainment, bring a rug so you can sit on the grass and enjoy the hilariously bad (and occasionally impressive) karaoke performances. 

Oh, and if you have a remote control boat, bring it along to join a select group of boaters making use of the large lake in the middle of the event. 

I never did get round to queuing for a waffle… definitely next time…

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