Authentic Bibimbap in Bahnhofsviertel: SeoulFood

If you knew from the title what a food item this, then you just need to know that SeoulFood is an authentic, small, Korean eatery that does one particular Korean dish really well with pretty much any variation you need and for a relatively low price. The ingredients are high quality, additives avoided, the menu is in English and the focus is on quick service. Importantly, there are only a few seats, about 10 from what I remember, so the emphasis is on takeout and delivery. They even do lunch deliveries to offices which is ideal for a Bibimbap.

Now if you don’t know what a Bibimbap is, then it is literally ‘mixed rice’. This is one of the most common basic Korean meals available. It is essentially a bowl of rice with a mixture of vegetables and meat on top. It is often finished with raw egg on top which should be stirred into the rest of the food to cook it.

SeoulFood have a few extra dishes on the menu, like fried noodles, but they are well known for their Bibimbap special and have added a modern twist. You get to choose in 4 steps exactly how you want your dish. This includes the type of bowl, one of 4 different rices, 6 different extra toppings and a choice of 6 different sauces.

The dish will cost you €6.50 with an additional €1.50 for each extra topping, so this is a relatively cheap meal out and very filling. The place is located half way between Hauptbahnhof and Willybrandplatz on Weserstrasse.

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