Where to watch Six Nations rugby online and offline

So Scotland just shocked the tournament in the opening match this afternoon by beating one of the favourites, Ireland, in the opening match. England up now against France in their opener. If you don’t know how to watch in Frankfurt, here’s the answer.

Are you craving rugby and frustrated that you can’t get any regular UK channels on cable tv? Wondering if you have to go out to watch every match? Luckily in Germany you can watch all of the normal UK freeview channels online for free and that includes all of the Six Nations matches. The website you need is Youk.tv (update: unfortunately offline at the moment!) and not only is it completely legal, but also no annoying registration is needed and channels start immediately without needing to watch long adverts. The content is provided by Filmon.com which does a few other countries as well but nothing like as good as the UK, and also offers many movies for streaming at a price.

If you are looking to get out for a beer and a game, then the regular places are guaranteeing to show all of the games. This includes Waxy’s at Eschenheimer Turm, the Irish Pub in Bornheim, the Fox & Hound in Westend, and O’Reilly’s at the main station. There’s maybe a couple of others, but if you decide to go to Yours Aussie bar next to Waxy’s it may have better food, but you will also have to fight to get them to put rugby on one of the screens for you. The Fox and Hound have some nice pies though and are normally the quietest option.

Enjoy the match!

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