Frankfurt’s largest street festival: Bergerstrassenfest

If you are at a loose end tonight and wondering where you can go out and enjoy the warm evening, then Bergerstrasse in Bornheim/Nordend is the place where half the city are heading right now.

We are at the end of two days of eating, drinking and dancing for the Bergerstrassenfest but there is still plenty of time to enjoy the event. Music will be playing and drinks will be flowing well into the night.

The festival itself stretches from the lower end of Bergerstrasse at Bethmann Park up to Hohen Strasse ubahn station. Between these two points will be completely packed with revellers, with so many people it takes a good hour to shuffle from one end of the festival to the other. The street will be lined with stalls offering all sorts of foods and drinks from around the world and with various stages playing music. The main focus is on Merienplatz where there is a live music stage and crowds of people dancing.

A tip on the logistics: there is nowhere to park nearby so best way is to arrive by ubahn (U4), either at Merianplatz or Höhen Strasse stations. The best one is Merienplatz as it brings you up directly in the middle of all the fun.

If you are trying to move quickly from one end to the other then choose a side street or walk behind the stalls because no one else will be in a hurry. And if you are looking for somewhere slightly quieter to sit down and have a drink, have a look in Sandweg (parallel to Bergerstrasse) where there a few nice places.

Amazingly there is very little official information about this event online, so you will need to just turn up and figure it out for yourself!

For tips on other upcoming festivals and events, keep an eye on this Facebook page for a great listing.

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