Entrepreneurship forum this week

Frankfurt has a reputation for being just a city of bankers, but a little known fact is that Frankfurt has a fast growing and very active entrepreurship scene.

Berlin is often talked of as an entrepreneurs’ heaven, thanks to low rents, surplus coffee shops, plenty of easily converted derelict warehouses, and an under-paid, under-employed work force but Frankfurt is where the ideas and growth are now happening! Ok, sorry, bit harsh on Berlin, but Frankfurt is still the place to be!

Taking full advantage of the start-up scene in the area, a group of students over at EBS (European Business School) near Wiesbaden run a very well attended start-up event, EBSpreneurship, with 500 attendees including approximately 100 investors. So if you have a great idea or even a start-up that needs additional capital, why not get a ticket, and head over this weekend (15-16th Sept) to Oestrich-Winkel – I know, you won’t have heard of it but it is a beautiful location near Wiesbaden…

As part of the event there is also a Hackathon sponsored by the Merkurist and bunch of big digital names in case this is also your thing:

If you are wondering where to get extra support or just network in the start-up community then there a few other places to get networked:

  • monthly meetups on meetup.com for entrepreneurs at the Open Coffee Club (plus a few other groups)
  • have a look at the Start-up Grind, no scheduled events at the moment but they run good ones
  • try the internations group for business professionals which has a few entrepreneurship events
  • keep an eye out for the annual Start-up Night at Frankfurt School each Spring where 100s of entrepreneurs get together and share ideas


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