Brazil in Nordend: Cafuchico

I’m making a conscious effort to explore Nordend at the moment and stumbled across another great little café to while away the weekends. Nordend is one of the most desirable places to live in frankfurt now thanks to the network of quiet leafy streets full of affordable housing and peppered with fashionable cafes and restaurants.

The district is marked out by 4 main streets: Bergerstrasse (quite interesting) and Eschersheimer Landstraße (uninteresting) on either side, and then two streets up the middle lined by cafes and restaurants – Oederweg and Eckenheimer Landstraße. The last of these streets is my favourite at the moment as it is full of interesting specialiality cafes.

This café, called Cafuchico is about halfway up Eckenheimer Landstrasse and has a simple menu and relaxed atmosphere. While I was there they had Bosanova music playing over the speakers and the whole atmosphere of the place just makes you want to hang around on their cushions ordering more Brazilian coffee and slices of cake. Cafuchico is actually best in the morning thanks to the set of affordable breakfast options. If I had known I would have turned up early and had a long lazy morning there with a book.

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