Weekend getaway to Düsseldorf

When you think of Düsseldorf, Germany, it’s quite easy to imagine a futuristic city filled with modern fashion and an interesting art scene. While that’s not completely incorrect, there is a lot more to Düsseldorf just waiting to be discovered. What better way to do that than to embark on a weekend getaway?

The city of Düsseldorf is divided into two parts by the Rhine River, the east bank (Altstadt side) and the west bank (Oberkassel side). Both sides are equally as amazing to explore and discover. You can even get a view of both sides if you take a boat tour through the harbour or jump into a river rafting boat and let the currents sweep you down the Rhine for some incredible views.

So, what do you say? Are you ready for a weekend adventure in Düsseldorf?

My name is Jenna, Founder of the blog Life in Düsseldorf, and a local Düsseldorfer. I am excited to share with you some of the best way you can explore the city on a weekend trip from Frankfurt.

How to get from Frankfurt to Düsseldorf

The great news is that getting from Frankfurt to Düsseldorf is a breeze compared to other major cities. There are excellent bus and train connections if you don’t have access to a car, and oftentimes, public transport can be a a lot quicker too!

Arriving by train

Arriving by train is your quickest option if you’re short on time or have decided just to do a day trip to Düsseldorf. The ICE from Frankfurt to Düsseldorf only takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, or you can take the regional train that takes a little longer, but offers beautiful scenic views along the Rhine River most of the way there.

Arriving by bus

Arriving by FlixBus will likely be your cheapest option if you’re looking to save a few Euros. Most tickets cost around 10 Euro, which is actually cheaper than getting from Cologne to Düsseldorf. The duration of the trip usually takes between 2,5 to 3-hours.

Arriving by car

If you’re arriving to Düsseldorf by car, you can expect your drive to take about 2,5-hours. Most of your journey will be spent driving north along the A3 until you hit Düsseldorf and continue on the A46.

Top 5 Things to Do in Düsseldorf

Take a Free Walking Tour Through the Altstadt

Roaming the Altstadt on your own is easy enough to do, you’ll just need to head to the Tourist-Information point and pick up a map. Alternatively, AEGEE has recently started offering free walking tours of the city on every second Sunday of the month.

Roam the Media Harbour

The Media Harbour is home to some of the most beautiful architecture that the city has to offer. You’ll find a wide array of interesting buildings including one of the cities most well known, the Neuer Zollhof buildings designed by famous American architect, Frank O. Gehry.

Experience the Styles of the Japanese in Düsseldorf

There are a few ways to do this in the city. You can jump off the train or bus at the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) and walk along Immermannstrasse and Oststrasse to try out some local favourites when it comes to Japanese cuisine. A few favorites include Na Ni Wa, Takumi and Eat Tokyo. You can explore the beautiful Japanese Gardens in Düsseldorf’s Nordpark. Or, you can visit the EKO Haus on the west side of the Rhine bank that boasts a beautiful Japanese garden and showcases some traditional Japanese style homes.

Get Familiar with Düsseldorf’s Awesome Street Art

The street art you fall in love with will all depend on what type of art tickles your fancy. I would suggest searching online and exploring the 40 Grad Urban Art Düsseldorf website as they give you a full insight into all the awesome street art spots in the city and a bit about who designed them, and why they were created in the first place.  

A couple of my favorites include the street art along Kiefernstrasse and the life-like statues situated throughout the city on pedestals which are known as the Säulenheiligen.

Enjoy the Greenery Around the City

Düsseldorf may be a fashion and art capital in Germany, but there’s also something to be said about the number of incredible green spaces that are around the city. The most centrally located and well known public park is the Hofgarten, a beautiful 28-hectare green space filled with lakes, ponds and green parrots. Other awesome green spaces to add to your list include Südpark, Grafenberg Wildpark and Schloss Benrath.

There are so many more amazing things to see and do in the city, but in one weekend it’s hard to experience it all. If you’re interested in something else or spending a few days more in the city, you can check out our Düsseldorf in 5 Days Guide.

The Best Places to Eat in Düsseldorf

If you’re looking for a few hot spots to try out while you’re visiting Düsseldorf, here are a few of my top recommendations:

The best pork knuckle and altbier: Fuchschen Alt Brauerei

The best pork knuckle in a sandwich: Schweine Janes

The best ice cream: Unbehauen Eiscafé

The best local cuisine: Hausmann’s Restaurant

The Best Places to Stay in Düsseldorf

You might also need a few tips on where to stay while you’re visiting, so depending on what your budget is, here are a few of the best hotels and accommodations in each price range:

Cheap Sleep: Jugendherberge Düsseldorf or Backpackers Düsseldorf

Standard Sleep: Me and All Hotels or Hotel Friends

Luxury Sleep: Steigenberger Park Hotel or Breidenbacher Hof Hotel


What do you think? Have I sold you on a weekend getaway to come visit us in Düsseldorf? If you have any questions about your trip, feel free to contact us!

Happy travels!

Jenna Davis
Founder of Life in Düsseldorf

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