Options for Thermal Spas and Saunas

I wrote a post about this a few years back (2016!!) recommending Taunus Therme in Bad Homburg as a suitable place to go. It is still one of the top read articles so I feel I really need to make an update. Corona was a really tough time for spas – prolonged closures, social distancing in saunas, and now significant increases in energy costs have meant that prices have increased.

Unfortunately Taunus Therme has become fairly crowded, especially early evenings, and crowded saunas are the last thing any of us wants! Just think of all those accidental brushes with sweaty, hairy shoulders… I just hope my previous post wasn’t one of the causes of crowding! Prices have also gone up now though, with 2 hour tickets for full access now €17 and €21 at weekends.

Good news is that there are other good options which, purely for the benefit of the expat community, I have tested in advance.

Meridian Spa – A very nice classy, wellness, sauna world and gym in the city, run by David Lloyd. There is a selection of different saunas and a rooftop terrace, although it is a bit weird that the terrace is overlooked by a number of residential and office towers. The spa is right next to Europa Allee so really easy city access, and thanks to the high prices, also relatively uncrowded. The price is only reasonable for members, with spa membership starting at around €115 (depending on how well you negotiate). Day tickets are €42 which probably scare off most people. Also if you are a swimmer, the relatively small circular pool in the middle will be annoying…

Titus Therme – Nordwestzentrum is the unlikely home to Frankfurt’s best kept secret among spas. The shopping centre is has a large collection of shops but focuses on low budget alternatives so it is surprising to find a really nice, large and relatively quiet thermal spa inside. The venue also has a large regular swimming pool and a well equipped gym. What’s more, this is part of the city of Frankfurt’s public swimming baths so the prices are really reasonable. The best is that if you have a Frankfurt swimming pool pre-paid card, you can have up to 25% discount on entry to any of the public pools in the city. Otherwise entry is €12-14 for two hours in the pool and sauna.

Rhein Main Therme – A little further away from Frankfurt in Hofheim is this private spa, and again not so crowded as others. There are a smaller selection of saunas but spacious indoor and outdoor pools thanks to being outside the city. The price is relatively standard at €24 for swimming and sauna together with €2 charge for each extra hour.

Garden Eden – This is a smaller and relatively unknown wellness spa in Dietzenbach, about 30 minutes drive south of Frankfurt. They have 3 outdoor saunas in Alpine huts and 3 indoor saunas and a steam room. There are a couple of plunge pools indoors but unusually no indoor swimming pool, instead a pool outside in the garden along with plenty of outdoor seating. Really nice for a summer sauna visit. Price-wise, no discounts for being outside the city. €23 for a standard 2 hour entry on a weekday.

Toskanatherme Bad Orb – The furthest away I am going to recommend is about 1 hour drive into the forests in Bad Orb. This spa is right up inside a beautiful little forested valley at the end of a picturesque town. Its worth taking a walk around the nearby park or further up the valley if you have time. The spa is really nicely designed with although not with as many saunas as other places. There is though a selection of different pools including a proper 25m lane swimming pool. There is also a large silent pool for relaxing/meditating.

There are some other options to the north of Frankfurt in the Taunus and across towards Wiesbaden and I might add to teh list once I get over to try them out!

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