Taipan Mongolian Grill Restaurant

Are you looking for an Asian restaurant for a large group of people? Somewhere that won’t

hurt your wallet and can handle large short notice bookings? I found this place by accident and it is big. In fact, it felt like many of the larger restaucants I have been to in China. The food was pretty authentic as well, slightly heavy on flavour, but generally excellent.


The restaurant is located on an industrial estate next to Samsung’s offices in Schwalbach, so you are going to need a car to get there. Inside is spacious and has room for multiple large groups of people. I’m guessing there is room for easily over 100 guests at a time.


There is a regular a la carte menu with dishes between €10-15 but also a buffet option for €15.

I particularly like the fact that just inside the entrance there is a games room for children (and competitive adults) containing a kicker table :-).

The one issue I had is that I was expecting a Mongolian restaurant, and while the food was good, most of menu was exactly what you would expect from any standard Chinese restaurant.


For a group of 3 people though we spent only €50 including drinks, so I am not complaining. We decided against the buffet, which kept it a little cheaper, and since the portions were big, it was a good choice. We wouldn’t have been able to eat any more at the buffet.

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