Something new at the Christmas Markets

It’s Christmas market season again (in case you hadn’t noticed) but rather than a standard post about Christmas markets which I did a few times last year I decided to look for something new. And that ‘something new’ turned out to be hot mead :-).


Now admittedly I found hot mead at the Bad Homburg Christmas market but I am sure that there is a similar stand in Frankfurt since it is much bigger. For those of you who don’t know, mead is a type of honey wine that has been made for thousands of years and is officially the original alcoholic drink from ancient Egypt.

I have no idea if this tasted anything like what the Egyptians drank but I can guarantee they didn’t drink it steaming hot :-). However, it was very good and well worth trying, especially if you are bored of gluhwein. I found it on a stand dedicated to all things bee-related (wax, honey, etc.).


Enjoy advent!

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