Xmas Crackers and Mince Pies

I left England and suddenly turned into the sort of person who religiously buys mince pies and acts strictly British at Christmas. Never saw that coming but apparently it isn’t uncommon for expats. Something similar happens to our accents as well… I end up with an accent verging on royalty in certain situations. In fact I was even told I sounded like Harry Potter yesterday…

More practically relevant though for today is that if you still need mince pies and Christmas crackers you should get yourself down to the British shop at Eschenheimer Tor relatively quickly. They are down to their last pile of Mince pies. What you see in the picture is all they have.


There aren’t actually many places in the area to get these things so don’t be surprised that the prices are high. They still have plenty of Christmas puddings and Christmas cakes but it also looks like they are running low on Crackers which I haven’t seen anywhere else in Frankfurt this year.


Christmas is only a week away now and if there are many people like me out there (I just bought 5 boxes of mince pies) then you are running out of time.

Right, now back to shopping!


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