English Comedy Nights


A unique opportunity is coming up next weekend to compare American, Scottish and German humour all on one stage at Waxy’s next week! Should be a fascinating evening!

Its actually a fairly nice evening out, but be sure to take good company along with you. From experience last time, the line up can be a little hit and miss. The first person up was a fail, but the evening improved as it moved to the headline act. The good news is that the acts this time look pretty good. In particular Stephen Carlin as the headline act looks good and recently appeared on the Alternative Comedy Central.

You can get an idea down below, but if you are interested you had better send an email to the event organisor, George Schorshi at georgeschorschi@gmail.com, to book your tickets for €10 a head. There are only a few seats left so don’t wait too long!

If you are into standup comedy then keep an eye on George Schorschi’s blog and facebook page for upcoming events in Germany.

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