Who are you?

I’m beginning to wonder who on earth reads this blog. There are well over a 1000 of you visiting each month and it would be great to know who I am writing for and what might be useful next.

Thanks in advance for answering a couple of easy questions for me!

and, comments and suggestions are always welcome, so if you have and ideas, please leave them below…

Thanks for the help!

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18 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. I read your blog and have been subscribed for awhile now 🙂 Always looking forward to your informative content as I currently reside and work in Frankfurt.

    1. Thanks Mandy! I just saw you have started your own blog as well… looking forward to reading more 🙂

  2. I’m a software developer moved to Frankfurt a month before. This blog was the best blog to see Frankfurt anf Germany from the perspective of an expat. I started following before came to Germany and i still go on.

  3. I found your blog because you have liked one of my posts (thanks ^^) I am studying in campus Riedberg but living in Oberursel. I think your blog can help me to know more about Frankfurt so that I can show this attractive city to my friends when they visit me (since Oberursel is not an easy name to remember, they just think I am living in Frankfurt :D)

  4. I just moved here from the States in January and LOVE it, the US was so boring after a while I just couldn’t hack it. From an expat twice removed now!

  5. We are going to move to Frankfurt as of August. Your blog is definitely the most helpful instrument for newcomers to Frankfurt. Thank you very much for updates and all your shares!

  6. I’m moving to Frankfurt next week and researching “what-to-expect” – your posts are nice reads. Any insights on job opportunities? I’m resigning from my current role of Project Mgt/Six Sigma nature and looking into postings. Thanks

    1. Thanks Carla! There are lots of jobs around at the moment. Without German, you should stick to international companies, maybe looking around logistics companies near the airport. Definitely join the Frankfurt facebook groups and internations. Jobs are often posted. Good luck!

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