SBahn tunnel closing

Its beginning to get warm outside with a subtle hint of spring around the corner, but its not quite warm enough that I want to be cycling to work every day. Nevertheless, Deutsche Bahn have other ideas…

From 27th March until 11th April, the SBahn tunnel under the city will be closed for two weeks for maintenance work. This means that the following stops are not available: Taunusanlage, Hauptwache, Konstablerwache, Ostendstrasse and Lokalbahnhof.

The time that the tunnel is closed coincides with the Hessen school Easter holiday, so at least there won’t be too much disruption for people with kids, but that isn’t make me feel any better. Its still cold outside! Have a heart DB…

If you are worried about how to get across the city, the ubahn and trams/buses seem unaffected. Also the S1 will connect the Hauptbahnhof to the Südbahnhof. However, the S2/S9 will on go from/to Mühlberg and the S6 only from and to Neider-Wöllstadt.

I found all of this out form a DB employee on the train this morning who was handing out info and sweets. If you have any questions about your route, then have a chat. They are very helpful and often speak English.

Full info can be found on RMV here in German, so be prepared for a dodgy google translation…

Plus we have a nice offer from RMV on Twitter in case more help is needed:

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