Classic NY bar ‘hidden’ in Sachsenhausen

I am on the look out for new places to chill at the moment and finally found a chance to stop in at Harry’s New York bar on the ground floor of the Lindner Hotel (the distinctive dark red tower opposite the ECB) in Sachsenhausen.

The bar is actually the lobby bar of the Lindner Hotel and you normally have to go through the hotel to get there inspire of a grand looking roadside entrance.

The interior is all leather armchairs and early 20th century NY style. Even the bar man makes an effort with his waxed an curled moustache! He also speaks exceptional English and is more than happy to talk you through a really good selection of spirits and cocktails.

Two key tips for Harry’s: firstly, if you time it right, they have live music which adds a great atmosphere, but you need to get there early or you’ll have no chance of a comfortable place.

Second, although they officially have only bar food, they share a kitchen with the steak house on the other side of the building and you can order off their menu and have it delivered to Harry’s. And the steak is amazing! Great steak plus great atmosphere makes Harry’s one of my favourites!

Now if only the bar was at the top of the building rather than ground floor, then the view would have made it perfect all round…

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