New Californian bar at Alte Oper

Quick update on a relaxing new bar/restaurant from the Chillers chain that has just opened in An der Welle behind the Alte Oper. I had the luck of being invited to their pre-opening party last week to get a feeling for the place. One of the perks of blogging I guess :-).

The place was pretty busy although it is hard to classify it as a either a bar or restaurant – it ends up feeling like something in between. It lives up to the ‘Californian’ style by providing a laid back atmosphere and has low maintenance simple furnishings. I can’t really judge it on the quality of food, since there wasn’t the chance to order proper meals on the first night, but from what I saw, this is an ideal place for a laid-back light lunch or early dinner in the city.


Once the sun comes out, I can imagine that they are going to make full use of the spacious pedestrian area in front. And I’ll definitely be back for cocktails once the weather warms up…



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