Latvian pancakes

Not the most obvious of snacks for Frankfurt and also makes me feel like more of a food/alcohol blogger recently :-).

This place turned up by accident when I was looking for somewhere quiet to have a snack after shopping in town, and it actually ended up as the highlight of the day: a small cafe called Baltique that is situated behind C&A at Konstablerwache. The location was actually ideal after a shopping trip that started at the main trainstation and went along the Zeil shopping street, finishing at Konstablerwache.

I only found out afterwards how this cafe was founded. Apparantly a German ex-banker quit working at a French bank in the city and took a motorbike trip around Latvia. Obviously. When he came back he was inspired to learn to cook pancakes (in north France) and open a cafe serving Latvian/Baltic style ‘pankukas’. The only difference being that the pancakes are cooked again on a hotplate after being filled.

The basic idea seems to be that they make a crepe-style thin pancake out of either with flour or buck wheat flour, fill it with pretty much anything that they can imagine (anything from ham and cheese to jams, chocolate and honey) then fold it up to be eaten. I can’t deny, it was really good. I couldn’t resist ordering seconds.

The staff actually speak really good English, one of them didn’t even speak German, so it is a shame that the menu and website are totally in German.

A real extra benefit is that a roughly a quarter of all of their pancakes can be made vegan so great also for those avoiding dairy and meat products.

2 thoughts on “Latvian pancakes

  1. Hi,

    thank you very much for your visit in our bistrot an of course also for your friendly feedback!
    A little update: we now have menus in English language. 🙂

    Best Regards
    Nicole / BALTIQUE Team

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