Summer camp for kids in English

It may not seem like it if you looked out of the window today, but Summer is not actually that far away. There was actually snow last night around Frankfurt.

Still, if the idea of children hanging around the house for 6 weeks in the holiday fills you with worry, then I have a solution for you: KidsCampAmerica. From the 18th July to 26th August here in Frankfurt on the Goethe Uni Westend campus there is a full 5-day a week schedule for children aged 5-13.

The camp is a mixture of sports, culture and language. For a shorter period of time there is also a similar summer camp in Dreieich, Wiesbaden, Munich and Berlin.

It is best explained in their own words though:

Since 2011 KidsCampAmerica has offered Spring, Summer, and Fall camps in Frankfurt for children aged 5 – 13, and their summer camp is a run-away success. Each week-long session at the camp attracts ninety children who enjoy team games and cooperative projects in the mornings and a huge array of summer camp activities in the afternoon. Sports classics such as baseball, lacrosse, American football, field hockey and badminton are on offer as well as arts and crafts like mask making, beaded jewelry, giant bubble making, candles and soap making and many more. Each one week session includes a field trip to one of Frankfurt’s coolest locations and each child receives a certificate on the last day following a theater club presentation put on by the campers themselves. For teenagers aged 14 – 17 who are in need of some academic English, KidsCampAmerica now offers an intensive English afternoon program as well.”

One thought on “Summer camp for kids in English

  1. Summer camps are a great way to refresh your child’s mind. They see the outside environment, make fun, analyze the situation, and find solutions to the puzzles and many more. This brings inners strength and courage inside the child. Pre-K schools are the base of your child’s future. They get ready for the upcoming hard courses after the pre-k school. For more information about summer camps go to

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