Frankfurt eats Tapas! 

I knew there were a few Tapas restaurants in Frankfurt, but didn’t realise until this week just how many good quality options there are. And now, thanks to the Spanish board of tourism, we can find out! 

On 16th June is World Tapas Day (I know, shocked me too) and for one whole month, the Spanish Board of Tourism have organised a special offer at 10 different Tapas restaurants Frankfurt area for one Tapa and a glass of wine for €5. The event is detailed on

Now, let’s be honest, it’s not the sort of special offer that gets the blood rushing to your head, but if you visit three out of the 10 restaurants there is the chance to win a trip to Spain or a Spanish cooking class. You will need to get hold of one of their event fliers though which has a list of venues to be stamped with each visit.

The real benefit of this is that good tapas is hard to come by, and here are 10 really good options that most people won’t have heard of. Two of them are in the city centre, 7 are spread across the north of the city and one is out in Bad Homburg for anyone who lives in the Taunus area. 

I am certainly motivated to try somewhere knew, if only to get hold of a few Tapas-based photos for this blog post. I seem to have not photographed tapas enough for my archive! 

Now let’s see if the stormy weather holds off enough to really appreciate Spanish food…

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