Germany’s biggest Thai festival

Sorry! I totally forgot this was coming up again, but if you like all things Thai, you need to head to one Europe’s biggest Thai festivals which is hosted in Bad Homburg’s Kurpark. Which incidentally is famous for its old south East Asian pagodas donated over a hundred years ago by the King of Thailand after a visit. Here is one of them:

Festival lasts for two days, so there is still plenty of time to go tomorrow. And the weather is looking good up until about 5pm when we have rain forecast again.

I turned up by accident just in time for a Thai kickboxing demonstration this evening. It wasn’t anything too serious, but interesting for a first timer. There was certainly a big audience though. Happens again tomorrow.

There is a full schedule of events tomorrow, so time your visit well. Traffic is a pain and the cars were moving very slowly between the A661 and the parking area in Seedammbad. I highly recommend taking the train if it is an option for you (S5 or U2). Both are about 15 minutes walk from the event.

The rest of the festival is all about the stalls though:

There are loads of options for food. Pretty much every type of Thai food you can think of is on display along with plenty of Tiger beer and various fruity concoctions. Bring along a mat as well to sit on as there is limited seating, but plenty of grassy areas in the park to relax on.

And as with any good Thai market, there is a great mixture of additional stalls selling everything including snacks, sweets, bedding, clothes, jewellery, and even the regular Thai greengrocers selling all sorts of vegetable and fruit that I would need support identifying…

I can imagine if you are looking for a good idea for a present at the moment, the jewellery stalls will have some good options. And at the end of the row of stalls there is the perfect way to relax: a massage tent… (Didn’t get a good picture, sorry!)

    If you manage to go, enjoy! Otherwise, there is always next year!

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