Korea in Oberursel

A little known fact about Frankfurt, or Oberursel to be specific, is that it is home to the largest Korean community in Germany. Several thousand Koreans live in or near Oberursel and as you would expect, this brings some obvious benefits for lovers of Korean food. 

Firstly, let’s deal with (arguably) the best Korean restaurant in the area – Heidekrug – which also doubles up as a hotel. This place was obviously an old German restaurant and beer garden, but has been turned in to a busy Korean restaurant frequented by many Korean and Japanese business men and families. The staff speak, of course, Korean and Japanese, but there is also normally someone who speaks English and German.

And the food could have come from any good restaurant in Soeul. The original building name was ‘Waldhotel’ (Hotel in Forest) which means, thanks to the nice woodland location, there is only one way to sensibly get here – by car. Even if you live in Oberursel… 

Not only are there numerous good quality Korean restaurants in and around Oberursel, but there is also a large and very well stocked Korean supermarket – Handok Mall – hidden away in an innocuous looking housing estate. The selection of food and sizes of packets shows that it not only supplies the expat Korean population but also the various Korean restaurants in the area. The website is only in Korean and the staff sometimes don’t speak English or German, but I’m sure you’ll work it all out if you persist!

They are well stocked with not just packeted dry food, but also a range of fresh Asian/Korean vegetables, tofu, kimchi etc.. There is also a large frozen section full of various dumplings and seafood. 

And as you look down the shelves you will see plenty of Chinese and Japanese supplies as well but these can be found at other places inside Frankfurt is what you are after.

And if instant noodles are your thing, look no further. This picture speaks for itself! 

The best way to get to Handok is to take the U3 towards Oberursel and get off at ‘Rosengärtchen’. From there it is 2 minutes walk up a side road. Or you can drive…

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