Burgers and Skewers in Ostend

Here is a nice little place if you are in Ostend and looking for somewhere a little upmarket for food. Jesse James is known for their burgers, which were pretty good, but what I enjoyed the most was the skewer selection. Prices are slightly expensive with burger and drink for about €20.

There are a variety of meats, seafood and vegetables offered on the skewer menu as snacks with drinks or as a starter before the main course. 

And if you are just looking for a lunch salad, there is a decent salad buffet on offer as well. 

The restaurant is easy to miss from the outside but that is mainly thanks to the fact that it is just next to the nearly finished building site for a big new development of luxury flats opposite the ECB. Once the flats open and people move in this is probably going to become a popular place for evening drinks, but for now it is a little quiet.

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