Foodtopia coming to MyZeil

There are big plans for the famous MyZeil shopping centre at Hauptwache! If you haven’t noticed already or have yet to visit, there is already a lot of work going on. Work is being carried out in two stages, the first of which is to give a new main entrance and to renovate the lower shopping floors.  Just recently I had the pleasure of getting the latest inside news on what they are planning for stage two with the 4th floor.


Work is soon to begin on launching an new area ‘Foodtopia‘ on the 4th floor of MyZeil to introduce both a cinema and a mix of international and local restaurants and bars. I have included a couple of the architect’s renderings of how the new area should look and the best part is definitely going to be the 4 different terraces and bars with views over the city. The building has a location over the open Hauptwache square and will face directly onto the sun setting over the financial district towers. This is going to become a really great spot for anyone with a love of instagrammed sunsets!

Only problem is that you are going to have to wait until 2018 for all of the work to be complete!

If you aren’t sure which shopping centre it is, then you may know it by the twisted glass front that looks like a big whirlpool. You can get there by exiting any of the main sbahn and ubahn train lines at Hauptwache and it will be right infront of you…


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