Market-fresh home delivery in Frankfurt

I just trialled a new company, Markthelden, here in Frankfurt which offers a home delivery service for Frankfurt and Offenbach providing produce from the Offenbach weekly market. And I was pretty impressed with the result.

The idea seems fairly simple. You order and pay by Thursday evening on their nicely designed and user friendly website, and then on Saturday, someone goes around, collects your choice and delivers to your door the same morning.

Markthelden are currently only working out of Offenbach, but the idea is to expand to other markets and service a wider area beyond Frankfurt. They want to give more people access to local produce through the farmers markets.

There are a few other reasons why I like this:

  • there is a lot of produce available from regional suppliers that is fresh and tastes better than in the supermarket
  • I often don’t get to the local farmer’s market in time on a Saturday
  • the people behind the company are expats so you can get support in English!
  • you can choose the hour of delivery and they actually deliver when they say, or text you an update (rare in Germany)

There’s not too much more to say except that you get your first delivery for free!

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