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At first glance there are lots of serviced apartments in Frankfurt. A quick google search will show you many results, adverts and regular search results. likewise has many results for apartments and Airbnb is also a popular option in the city with many private apartments offered.

Frankfurt is a popular city and there are loads of options for short term accommodation thanks to the many fairs, events and very active business hub.  During major events like the book fair or the automotive fair, the supply is scarce and prices rocket. This has given an opening for many opportunistic private and small scale providers.

The trouble is that the whole system is a bit hit and miss. Airbnb is the cheapest of the options with many offers going from €20 to €90 per night and some luxury options up to €400 a night. If you have used Airbnb then you will know the system and are either happy or not to stay in someone’s private home. It isn’t ‘serviced’ and the quality varies. Personally I would always prefer the reliability and safety of a commercial provider.

But even on the commercial side, for example show many apartments available, but the service and quality is dubious. They are often little more than a regular house with a few rooms on short term leases and no real service.

If you look hard enough, you will find some really good places though for very reasonable prices. I had the chance to go around a newly opened place this week in Sachsenhausen which reminded me to write about the options. The residence was the Derag LivingHotel, and it is a great example of exactly what great places you can stay for very reasonable amounts of money.


The short term (under 6 nights) contracts start at €120 for a single apartment and come with lots of free extras, like wifi, all telephone calls, a large open kitchen, lounge and social area (on top of a spacious apartment) and even a gym. It makes some of the similar priced places in the city look shoddy.  And unlike many untransparent places on, they have a pretty clever virtual tour so you can see clearly what you get in advance.


The biggest disadvantage of Derag is the location in South Sachsenhausen. It is just a little too far from the Sud Bahnhof (closest SBahn and UBahn station) to be convenient.

So here are a few other good quality alternatives that won’t break the bank while you are looking for a permanent place to live:

Sopolitan Deluxe Studios
They may have a website that doesn’t work, but the apartments are very nice and they are right next to an Sbahn station.

Fair Apartments
The apartments might look like an Ikea show room, cheap and cheerful, but they are clean and bright and really easy on the wallet.

LiV’in Residences
These two sets of serviced apartments are offered by the Flemings Hotel chain and have a good location. The prices are a little higher at about €150 per night, but it feels more like a hotel than the other places.

3 thoughts on “Serviced apartments

  1. What I find rather disappointing about serviced apartment/ hotels in the city itself is how kids unfriendly they can be. I’ve been trying to look for a decent accommodation for my sister-in-law’s family (2 adults and 2 toddlers aged 3 and 1.5). All the places offer a bedroom for the parents and the kids to sleep on a sofabed in the “living room”. That’s is. Air BNB is even shocking… throw 4 beds in a huge room and they claim to accommodate 8 adults.

    1. That’s a really good point. You’ll notice I didn’t recommend anything as kid friendly because it isn’t. Everything i saw is aimed at childless professionals or business commuters

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