Vegan cashew truffles

If you are still doing your Christmas shopping, here is great idea for an unusual Christmas present, especially if you know someone who is vegan or allergic to dairy. In fact, this is just a great idea in general. These are some of the most unusual flavoured truffles you will find anywhere and they are packed full of hand-prepared superfoods making sure that you can stay healthy and have a nice treat. 

These cashew truffles are hand made in Wiesbaden by Deliciense, a small specialist store. They do home delivery in case you don’t want to make the trip to Wiesbaden, but it is really worth going and picking a selection for yourself.  

A lot of care and thought has gone into the truffles, not just in taste but also visual design. All the truffles are made from a base of cashews, maple syrup and cocoa butter, and are then supplemented normal by up to three other main ingredients. Some of the more exotic mixtures include ‘Mango and Sweet Curry’ or ‘Kumquat, Olive oil and Pistachio’. I had a box of 16 different truffles and by far the best were the tea selection. Each had a mixture of herbs and a type of tea (Earl Grey or Pu’er for example). Take a look at the website for more of the selection.

It’s interesting hearing from the creator, Mohini, who was inspired to create these mixtures of herbs and exotic flavours after experiencing the street foods in India and then by learning to cook in a restaurant in Kolkata. Due to the high percentage of vegetarians in India and the high temperatures, she began making truffles without dairy or animal produce. 

Once you know the background to the idea, you will really begin to see the connection to South Asia with the flavours used. Given the high quality ingredients, it’s no surprise that the prices are a little high. For a box of 16, it is about €30 depending on the selection, and postage another €15.

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