Musikmesse 2017 starts the event season!

Its been a really busy Spring so sorry about the gap in blog posts, but now is a great time to start off the new season with news about this year’s Musikmesse from tomorrow to Saturday (5-8 May 2017).

The Musikmesse is essentially a big trade fair for suppliers of musical instruments, equipment and music, however the experience is so much more. The event is massive and takes over the whole of the Frankfurt Messe facilities. Wandering the endless number of displays of pretty much every genre of musical instrument is fascinating enough, but the real highlight is actually the 4 large stages which host frequent live performances. The promo video below gives you a pretty good idea, but if you want to check out the schedule then you are almost guaranteed to find something of interest. Everything from jazz and classical to rock and electro is covered.

From experience, I would highly recommend the Acoustic stage which focuses on jazz, folk and classic performers.

Tickets cost €30 for the day or €45 for all 4 days if you book online. If you try and buy when you arrive, firstly there will be a long queue and second, the prices increase to €40 and €60 respectively.

Before you go, you also need to download the event app (Musikmesse) in the app store and decide what you want to look at. The event schedule is only available in the app and will take a long time to go through and figure out what is of interest. You can ‘favourite’ events and build your own schedule to make life easier on the day.

On the Friday and Saturday evening, there is the Musikmesse Festival. This is a side event after the Messe closes at 6pm that takes over many venues around the city and is included in the price of the Messe ticket or can be booked separately for €15. There are many live acts doing a variety of shows. The most popular will fill up quickly so make sure that you get there early.

The best thing about the event is that there is just so much music happening randomly around the event. And you get to try out some really unusual instruments!



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