Cycletics: indoor cycling with a twist

I’m not a fitness freak or a Spinning expert, in fact, I have never been Spinning before. However, when I heard about Cycletics I was very curious so I decided to have a go.

Indoor cycling seems to have become a bit of a fashion now as people look for efficient ways to stay in shape in cities. There are a few different places that offer either Spinning or other forms of group indoor cycling around Frankfurt, and Cycletics is a new and growing variation that involves not just group cycling set to music (with a DJ!), but also an upper body workout using weights all while seated on a bike! If it sounds like hardwork, well it is.

The Cycletics studio in Frankfurt is conveniently set near Hauptwache station in the city centre so it is easy to head there after work in the evening. The studio itself is relatively small with about 20 bikes arranged in a fan around the instructor’s bike at the front. I went after work at about 6:30pm and had two 45 minute sessions with a half hour break in between. I was actually dying after the first session, but I was convinced by the very friendly group to stick it out and get back on after the break. Turns out two sessions weren’t as bad as I thought and still managed to walk out of the door afterwards…!

The instructor and team at Cycletics speak excellent English and some of the training sessions are even run in English, so don’t worry about needing to practice German while weight-lifting on a bike. Everyone is also very friendly and the environment is not at all competitive. There are refreshments available, as well as everything you will need to get going for your first time: small towels, cycling shoes, drinks, showers with shower gel. Most people don’t shower there though as it is a little too public. You will probably also want to take a large bottle of water for yourself for practical reasons. And wear normal fitness/exercise clothes. Nothing fancy needed. Sessions are available everyday, including early morning (Tue/Thu) and at lunch time (Mon/Wed).

You are probably wondering why I am recommending indoor cycling just when the weather gets nice outside. Well, I went a few weeks ago when it was still chilly, but it is still a very practical cardio-workout that can supplement your regular outdoor bike rides down the river or into the Taunus.

And if you are looking for other cycling or Spinning places, then you should try Sportfabrik in Bockenheim or Unio in Sachsenhausen.

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