Cruising down the Main

​​You may not believe it if you look at the sky today, but Summer is almost here and we have 4 or 5 months of great weather ahead.  If you are new to the city or have guests visiting from overseas, then taking a river cruise for a few hours is a great way to introduce them to the city.

Aside from the obvious benefit of seeing the city skyline from the river, there are some really interesting cruises available. The best option for cruises from here is the Primus Line which is based in Frankfurt. Along the Rhein there are many other cruise companies which can pick up from Frankfurt but just aren’t as convenient. Primus has a ticket office right next to the Eisener Steg bridge where their boats are also moored.

Take a look at their website for a list of tours, which fit pretty much every schedule. The highlights for me are evening tours which include dinner and/or drinks with a view of the sun setting over the city. Also pretty convenient are the day trips up the Rhein as far as Bonn. This stretch of river is actually quite spectacular with all of the vineyards and castles lining the river. These longer distance tours are mainly one-way with the option to come back by bus, train or boat. You should check in advance what your ticket includes though. For example, the trip to Bonn is from 9am arriving at 8pm in Bonn, with no provision for a return on the same day. Its definitely worth it if you have time, but the train will take about 2 hrs to get you back so check the train times. A trip like this will set you back €69.50.



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