Archery training 

Probably not top of your list if you are currently planning your move to Frankfurt, but this is a great idea for kids and adults during the holiday. 

Bogenparadies is an indoor archery hall in Hofheim am Taunus located in an industrial estate just off the A66. The website has an English language section and training is offered in English. The location is really only accessible by car and it may seem a little expensive at first but I have a few tips on that as well for you. 

There are a few reasons why Bogenparadies is good though, especially if you have the kids on holiday for 6 weeks now.

– you don’t have to book weeks ahead, but at the same time you do need to send a responsible adult with kids. 

– lessons can be booked fairly last minute and timing is quite flexible up until about 10pm

– everything can be done in English! 

– after one or two lessons you can just turn up without booking during open training times (green or yellow on the timetable) and pay as you go

– you don’t need to buy any equipment. Just pay €5 to rent everything you need for the day

The full pricing details are available on the website but the basic pricing is as follows. Standard rate is €10 per hour per person and €5 for equipment. An additional €5 an hour per person is charged if training is required. Therefore the standard two hour starter training would be €35 per person followed by €25 each time after that. 

A very good idea though for the starter class is to book on Groupon where the same two hour starter lesson is available for €11.90 all included (if the offer is expired, try searching Groupon manually). For some reason this same deal is available at all times to Americans even without booking?!!

If you decide to come again, consider getting a long term membership (6-12 months). The fee is a flat rate of €4.60 per week excluding equipment. So that is the equivalent price for 14 x 2hr visits. But see how you feel and whether you are likely to get your money’s worth. 
There are also group deals available for up to ten people. More is not realistic as there is only room for about 10 people to shoot at the same time. For children’s parties there is a fixed €180 fee for three hours. But generally I suggest phoning Richard at Bogenparadies directly and seeing what he offers. 

And don’t worry about refreshments. He is very well stocked with cold drinks, snacks and ice cream. And a free drink is included with every visit :-).

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