Ideas for discount sofas

This may seem like a bit of a random post, but a few random coincidences helped me to find out about some great opportunities for heavy discounts on furniture, particularly sofas.

I know that most people head to Ikea by default these days (of which there are three near Frankfurt) but if you don’t want your apartment to look like an Ikea showroom then there are a couple of good options. The first is to go to website called If you know even a small amount of German you will realise that this means ‘half-price sofas’. The website offers many sofas which retailers are unable to sell due to damage, lack of demand, or because they were show items. There are some really good deals on here and if the damage is too obvious then they will also cover the cost of the repairs with an extra discount. You just have to ask.

A second place with good discounts is the Sitzfeld Showroom in Feckenheim (U2 or U7). They have a large warehouse showroom just beyond Ostend and are actually doing a special 50% discount on the 26th August. Refreshments are provided which is great unless you are driving :-). Sitzfeld will be a little more expensive than the other options but there are going to be some really good bargains available.

There is of course also a healthy ebay market in Frankfurt area for used sofas, but since most of them are for collection only, this can be more effort than it is worth.


A note on the Ikea options near Frankfurt. There is one near Wallau (just before you reach Wiesbaden), one in Hanau and the most convenient is in Nieder-Eschbach. If you go to Nieder-Eschbach, it may look easy to go by ubahn and then bus, but it is actually quite frustrating given the waiting times. Walking from the ubahn is also no fun as it takes 20 minutes and the direct path is unlit so you shouldn’t try it at night. The only reasonable way to get there is to go by car unfortunately.  There is of course a rental vehicle service offered by Hertz from Ikea but I have never really managed to get this to work effectively either.

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