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When I was growing up in the UK, Chinese restaurants and takeaways were pretty much the only option for food from East Asia (you can guess I didn’t grow up in London!). Now when I look around towns and cities like Frankfurt, Japanese restaurants have completely taken over followed by a plethora of other options. This is great for choice, but it can be a little hard now to find a really good Chinese restaurant.

Given that I used to live in China this is somewhat close to my heart. So, in order to provide you with this blog post, I have eaten a significant amount of Chinese food on behalf of all expats… Even so, I didn’t make it to every restaurant, so let me know if you think your favourite deserves to be mentioned.

Yelp is still the best guide for finding restaurants in Frankfurt and you will see plenty of choice with 4 or more star reviews. But here is my top list of restaurants:


this is a relatively new place hidden away just north of Hauptwache near the Hilton and really is my favourite at the moment. The restaurant has a really attractive 19th century Chinese decor and can be very busy so booking is needed. Höfchen is a little expensive so expect to budget €50 for a meal for two people. The style is Sichuan so most things on the menu look very spicy but since this is Germany they tone done the chillis for the local audience. If you like it hot though, just ask! (N.b. Photos used above are from Höfchen).

Pak Choi

Down by the main station in the Bahnhofsviertel are a bunch of relatively cheap Chinese restaurants that are very popular with Chinese. Pak Choi is definitely the best pick for authentic Northern food. The decor can feel a little bit too canteen like, but the food more than makes up for it and you can expect to spend only €25 on a meal for two.

China Yung

If you are happy taking the ubahn for 10 minutes up to Hügelstrasse station in Dornbusch (lines 1, 2, 8, 9) then you will find the great little restaurant directly next to the ubahn station. China Yung is a Family restaurant that has been around for years and specialise in Dimsum and other Cantonese dishes. The prices are a little higher than Pak Choi so a meal for two will be about €30, but the atmosphere is really nice and a lot calmer than restaurants in the city.

Kowloon City

Last one for the list at the moment is Kowloon City on Oederweg, just a few minutes walk north of the Eschenheimer Tor station. Kowloon City are specialised in Hong Kong style dumplings (Dimsum). They do other dishes but I only ever go there now for the dumpling selection. At certain times of the year they also do themed flavours like a pumpkin selection at Halloween.

It is a shame that with this list of my top 4 I have failed to include a real Beijing/Tianjin style restaurant since I spent most of my time up north in China. So if you have a tip for Beijing or similar style food in Frankfurt, let me know!

7 thoughts on “Top choices for Chinese cuisine

  1. I would absolutely recommend Madame Mei for yam cha. Great restaurant, although service can be a bit slow at times

  2. We recently discovered Dim Sum Haus near the Westin and were impressed. Looking forward to trying these recommendations as well.

  3. I am looking for a place to buy beef for Chinese Fondue in Frankfurt. The butchers here, never seem to know what I want.

    1. Try the Korean supermarket in Oberursel. They have a butcher and will probably be able to provide the thin slices you need.

  4. Hello,

    My name is Chikei Yung and i was the owner of the Chinese Restaurant Yung, Hügelstraße 124, 60433 Frankfurt (liste above). I regret that the location at Hügelstraße is closed since 2018.

    The second bad news is that the restaurant Kowloon City does not exits anymore too.

    But now the good news: the owner of China Restaurant Yung and Kowloon City are siblings. Restaurant Yung is now move to Kowloon City. Thats why Kowloon City doesn’t exits anymore.

    That means, the chinese restaurant Yung is now in Oeder Weg 32, 60318 Frankfurt.

    For more information please check our website:

    We are very proud that both restaurant are listet as the best in Frankfurt. We are also very proud of our father master Yung. He teach us both how to cook and how to make outstanding dim sum.

    Thank you

    Waiwah Yung & Chikei Yung

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