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I realised recently when I was having another look at the blogging landscape around Frankfurt that although it feels like there are tons of people blogging about this city, there are actually very few of us doing it in English. I had a look at a few of the blog listings which show hundreds of blog pages but once you look through you realise that many have almost nothing to do with Frankfurt itself or are simply out of date or discontinued.

Before I give you the definitive list of blogs in Frankfurt which are worth visiting at the moment, there are two sites which are worth looking at for a comprehensive list of all blogs. The first is which lists expat blogs for cities all over the world. Unfortunately it seems that itself has run into problems and has stopped functioning as a business, but its list of blogs is still kind of relevant. The second is a media agency called OSK who did a blog round up for various key german cities in 2016. Unfortunately, they don’t categorise the blogs by language or content, but it is a pretty comprehensive list, but they did feature this blog so it can’t be all bad!

Of course, I don’t have to include myself in this list of blogs, since you are already here, so here is the best of the rest:

Alisa Jordan Writes
Alisa has been blogging in Frankfurt for about a year now and the posts are pretty entertaining. And importantly, she is a regular poster, putting up posts almost every week – far more consistent than me! Her posts aren’t exclusively Frankfurt though as she tends to focus more on expat life in general, but still plenty of useful information to keep you going. In particular, there is one really good blog post comparing London and Frankfurt, great if you are caught up in the Brexit saga at the moment.

Frankfurt on Foot
This is actually the blog from a small business that offers walking tours around Frankfurt. Jo has been living in and writing about Frankfurt for the last decade and if you want great ideas about what to do or where to go then this is the blog to read. It really shows that she gives guided tours as she manages to keep turning up all sorts of interesting, and sometimes obscure, historical facts about various buildings and locations around the city. And, if you are interested in trying out a Walking Tour for yourself, why not start with the Original Tour which takes you past all of the must see parts of the city.

Chronicles of YoYo

Yolande has been blogging in Frankfurt since before I even arrived in the city. According to her bio, she is originally from Singapore but has been here since 2012. The blog is mainly about family and children, but there a few blog posts about Frankfurt, especially places to eat and festivals, but also about some of the surrounding towns like Königstein, Mainz, Kronberg, Wiesbaden etc.

Kaptain Kenny

This blog is a relatively well known travel blog by an Aussie/Irish resident of Frankfurt called Phoebe. Although she writes regularly about which ever town or country she is travelling to, there are still some very good insights into the food scene of her adopted hometown. Especially worth mentioning is her food guide to the Bahnhofsviertel. Many think this is just a crime hotspot, but actually it is one of the best places to go out!

Frankfurt Calling

This is a relatively new blog set up only in October 2017, so there is no guarantee that it will last. But the signs are author is a journalist, so knows how to write, and is documenting her arrival and settling in process in Frankfurt thanks to a Brexit forced move. The author is originally from Germany, but sounds just like the rest of us expats! One to watch…

A Baltimorean Abroad

Another new blog, also set up by a recent arrival from the UK (although obviously not British as per the title!) in November 2017. Worth, keeping an eye on this one because although the author blogs even less regularly than me, she does have a track record having written on and off for the last couple of years.

Black Pen Art

Last blog on my list and this one is a bit different. I have included it not just because the author, Sue, is consistently posting but because, compared to looking at constant instagrammed pictures of the Frankfurt skyline, her black pen drawings give a refreshing angle on Frankfurt.

Happy reading, and remember, there is always room for another regular blogger!

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