Where to watch the World Cup

We are at the semi-final stage with France/Belgium tonight at 8pm and England/Croatia tomorrow. It is safe to say that with all of the usual contenders out of the competition, this is one of the most interesting and possibly unpredictable ending in decades.

Even though the poor old German team came crashing out early on (I’m not one to gloat 😉 ) , there is still plenty of interest in watching the match live in a crowd.

Update for France/Croatia final: the Commerzbank Arena has decided to show the final game (even though Germany isn’t included 🙂 ). The match will be shown on a 400sqm screen and the pitch will be used as a viewing area. Entry is free last I heard but alcoholic drinks can’t be brought in. Best to take the sbahn over there rather than trying to drive and park.

Other good locations:

Hafen 2 – considering it is probably going to rain today, is a good bet. But get there early. The game will be shown inside in the hall and the atmosphere is expected to be hot!

TNT Palais – a  very good central location in Frankfurt just near MyZeil. The courtyard is mostly covered so good even if it rains. Dross

Drosselbart – a good place if you are north of the city with a large leafy beer garden and a big screen next to the Weiser-Stein uBahn station (lines 1,2,3,8). If it rains heavily then not a good choice though!

Waxy’s – next to Eschenheimer Tor and great for foreigners and Germans a like. English language service, A range of British, Irish and German beers on tap and indoor or outdoor covered viewing.

Roots – next door to Waxy’s, this new Aussie bar has so many screens you can see where ever you sit. And everything is indoor so there are no issues with the weather!

Alex – a large rooftop bar/restaurant on top of the Skyline Plaza in the Gallus quarter. Lots of space and very much into the football fever!

Almost every bar and many restaurants will have a screen of some sort so you don’t have to walk far for an idea.  If you need more suggestions then take a look (in German) at FNP or ExtraTipp

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