Best beach clubs and riverside bars

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s hot. And it’s going to get hotter. For those of you without air con in the office it’s going to be a sweltering few days.

We may not all have the luxury of working remotely but we can certainly relocate to some riverside locations for a cool evening drink. I haven’t include the outdoor swimming pools (Freibad) or the larger lakes where you can swim etc. That is for another post!

Here are my top picks:

Schwedlersee (see main picture above, courtesy of Schwedlersee)

Found out about Schwedlersee’s Lake Side Bar a few weeks ago and I would never have found it on my own. Hidden away in Ostend, just behind Vapiano’s on Hanauer Landstraße, this place is a little treasure. Part of the old docklands now surrounded by greenery and used as a private swimming club and event location. Regular open door events in the summer mean the public have regular access. Next notable event is coming up on 3rd August DJ Lindenberg late into the morning. First 200 tickets are available on Facebook. (Rest will be sold at the door). The whole setting is very peaceful and you would never know that you are on the edge of a busy industrial estate. A great escape from the world!

Main Cocktail Bar

Not the first time I have mentioned this place but still worth a mention. Essentially a temporary stand on the south bank of the Main which a bunch of deck chairs lined up on the grass. Amazing sunset views of the city and decent priced drinks.

Blaues Wasser

This place goes up in price a little but if that isn’t an issue then worth checking out this exclusive little place. More than, drinks they also do a nice little menu of Flammkuchen down at the waterfront for a very reasonable price (€8.50 at time of writing) and main dishes and dessert up on the terrace. You can easily let the time slip by ordering side dishes and cocktails (€10 a drink), but not a good sky line view as it is on the north bank and too far along in Ostend. If you want to eat here then definitely book ahead especially at the weekend. And ideally go by car or bike. It’s a bit of a trek on foot from the nearest tram stop (Straßenbahn line 11).


Not cheap but also won’t break the bank, Yachtklub has an excellent central location on the south bank of the river. The view of the city skyline is hidden by the Maininsel (island) but the laid back music collection makes up for it if you are looking for a relaxing evening. Seems to have a recurring issue with the toilets though since they are actually floating on the river…


Last on my list is another classy (read: pricey) place over to the west but again on the south bank with a great evening view of the city towers. Not exactly sunset location but still impressive watching the sunset through the towers. Mainstrand is nice if your time is limited but you will probably want to go elsewhere for food as their menu is limited.

Photo credit: Schwedlersee

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