Best places to swim outdoors

I’m following my own advice in the heat and writing this from beside the river Main at Blaues Wasser riverside bar. It’s a great place to cool off but let’s be honest, it’s getting hotter and it would really just be better in the water than sat beside it. I do have a German friend who swims in the Main, but if that’s not for you, then read on…

This weather isn’t normal for a Frankfurt and especially if you have kids than need to cool off, where better than to take them to one of the lakes around Frankfurt or to one of the public outdoor swimming pools (Freibad) that are so popular here.

The lakes are almost all old quarries filled with water and some have artificial sandy beaches installed. The best/most well known is Langener Waldsee which is just down south of the airport about 20 minutes drive away. They have a perfect wide strip of sand beside the lake but the only good way there is by car, same as most other lakes, but parking isn’t free. Treat it like a regular beach and take everything you will need, including shade. Other lesser known but equally busy lakes in this weather include Waldorf Badesee and Strandbad Spessartblick in Hanau. Both are geared towards swimming and sunbathing.

There maybe some other good lakes but after this you need to look to the Freibad culture. Theses are essentially large outdoor swimming pools surrounded by spacious grass areas for recreation. There is normally a low entry fee of a few Euros to get in for the day, and then you can hang out all day if you want as food and drink is normally readily available. I think that the nicest are up in the Taunus area as they are often surrounded by wooded areas and the air is a little cooler, but there are lots around. These are really a place for families or children rather than places to go drinking though.

Freibad Königstein – slightly small lake but beautiful green setting and really cool and green. As good as you will get in this weather. Go by car…

Freibad Friedrichsdorf – better pool and facilities but not quite as green. Big advantage is that it is only about 10 minutes walk from the end of the sbahn line 5.

Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim – perfect if you want to stay closer to Frankfurt. Thanks to the green surroundings it is apparently 5 degrees cooler than the city.

There are actually 7 different outdoor public pools within the city of Frankfurt and you can find them all here. There isn’t really too much difference between the rest so pick the closest and enjoy cooling off!

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