Pralines, coffee and blogging

I’m supposed to writing a blog about buying souvenirs in Frankfurt but I have been totally distracted after finding a new place to sit and relax in Frankfurt. Writing at home can be a little uninspiring so I am often on the look out for new places. So when I came across Pott au Chocolat on Berlinerstrasse I couldn’t help but sit back and change my plans.

To be honest the pictures speak for themselves: this is a small Chocolaterie that serves their own handmade Pralines, Macarons and ice creams. Although ice cream isn’t available until next week :). Too cold outside it seems.

What makes this places perfect though is the atmosphere. It isn’t on the prettiest of streets, and there is no stunning view of the city, but it is calm, well lit, and some of the comfiest seats I have seen in a coffee shop. Reclining on in their window seats in the sun is perfect!

Of course, all of their products are available online but where is the fun in that?! You have to taste before you buy ;).

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