Authentic Frankfurt souvenirs and where to get them

Do you ever have that problem of what present to give someone that clearly says ‘Frankfurt’? Hessen is an easier option since you immediately have all of the wines from the Rhein region. But specifically Frankfurt? If you are also fed up with the tacky keyrings, t-shirts and bags then here are a few ideas:

Bembel Gin
I have to thank the guys over at Bembel gin for proactively sending me a bottle of gin (which is a great blogging companion) without which I would never have thought to look for apple gin. Bembel Gin is basically mixing Frankfurt’s famous apple wine with the growing popularity of gin. And it comes in a distinctive earthernware bottle. Easy to find in large Rewe stores, Edeka, in Hessenshop or directly online from Bembel Gin.

Frankfurt has a great selection of mustards and the best place to find is Frankfurter Fass, a specialist food store selling high quality food and drinks with a section dedicated to local produce. Even if you aren’t after mustard then it is worth dropping in for other ideas like apple wine jams, cook books or meats and sausages.

Frankfurt Monopoly 
This doesn’t need too much by way of an explanation but maybe it is only a present for someone who knows frankfurt well. The streets and locations are obviously only interesting for people familiar with the city. Looks like it is available on amazon but the only shop I have seen offering it is the Hessenshop outside the Kleinmarkthalle.

Prickelwasser and Frasecco
Never heard of this until I walked into Frankfurter Fass, but this is exactly how apple wine should have been made! Locally produced sparkling wines made of either apples or peaches. There is also a version with added black currant creating a type of ‘Rosé’. Imagine Spritzig Apfelwein (apple wine with fizzy water)… but nice….

Wine glass lids
When you are sat outside in the summer drinking apple wine and batting away all of the wasps who appear out of nowhere, you will think of this. Years ago someone came up with the idea of designing wooden and pottery lids with local designs on. There are a lot of shops that offer these but a good place to start is actually the Tourist Info office in the Römerberg. And the staff at the Tourist Info were really helpful putting together this list!

Frankfurter Fass is actually a great place just to go and have a look for ideas. And as you can see in the picture above they have also already done the hard work for you by preparing gift baskets of local produce.

Beyond this, there are a couple of other places that you can go to for ideas including Kulturothek which is a new store inside the newly opened area of the old city. Not really traditional but some unique ideas like stationary and wall plaques. Another stop would be the Liebling souvenir store just behind the Römer. Liebling offers mainly alcohol and crockery and is a little pricier than the other places but the quality is good and packaging is attractive.





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